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The Mini Moke in White!

The Mini Moke is a vehicle based on the Mini designed for the British Motor Corporation by Sir Alec Issigonis.

The name comes from "Mini" (the car with which the Moke shares many parts) and "Moke" (an archaic term for donkey)

The initial design was a prototype for a light military vehicle in the style of the American Jeep, but its small wheels and low ground clearance made it impractical as an off-road vehicle.

The Moke finally achieved success as a beach buggy—becoming a cult vehicle and popular in the Algarve, Seychelles, Australia, the United States and the Caribbean.

The Moke is a convertible, making it Perfect for those sunny summer days and makes getting in and out fast and hassle free (ideal your wedding dress!)

The Mini Moke is Perfect for...

  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Special Days Out
  • School Proms
  • Parades
  • Corporate Events

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